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Walking Workouts

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Even before COVID 19 became part of our daily life, I was already encouraging and leading many of my clients in outdoor workouts.  I know that many people have stopped their activities because of the virus and the fear of being inside and sharing air with other active people.


That’s where Walking Workouts With Wendy can help. In a Walking Workouts With Wendy, an individual achieves a cardio workout in addition to muscular strength and endurance work. The end of each workout incorporates the important fitness component of flexibility. Not only does the participant get a total body workout, but they get the extra bonus of the positive effects of being out in nature. Being outside in nature has been proven to enhance the immune system, create a sense of calm, balance brain chemistry, and in general, it’s just plain good for us!


If you or a small group are interested in experiencing this type of outdoor active experience, please contact me.

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